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Some books need to be known, so people can read and benefit, or just enjoy.

Esoteric Daoism made practical

Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power - Lujan Matus

One of my all-time top 3 books on practical spirituality. For those who like the philosophy -but also want to actually apply it.  


Reaching inner silence is the holy grail of many practices. This text addresses human beings, sketches the principle challenges we face (what got us here), then leads down a path of making those key changes that can circle out into life.


For all who recognize the benefits of meditative / trance practices: Students of Shamanism, taoism, Chan/Zen, Dzogchen, etc. Applicable to any tradition. How? By focussing on that over-used tool called the mind, then providing a practice to gently turn it off, so you can discover the deeper you that has a mind but is not defined by it. 


Step-by-step instruction, no belief required -just practice. Short and sweet but hard-hitting. More please!